New Neighbour

It has been a while I have not posted any of my shots due to my file server was surged by lighting last month. Has been waiting to get a new file server setup but it has been taking too long while I was buzy with my daily job. At this moment, I can’t wait any longer and decided to start blogging again with my work laptop and store all my images in an external hard disk.

These pictures were taken mid of last month.One day I was attracted by the loud singing of the male Black Naped Oriole outside of my front yard. I am so happy to find that there is a couple nesting on the tree in front of my house not far apart. These pictures were taken over the few days and these represent those that I most satisfy with. I was lucky to be able to shots a few other animals while I was out there.

The male Black-Naped Oriole guarding around on a tree next to the tree where the nest is located.

The mother with the nest.

The mother was guarding nearby the nest at another tree.

I shot the squirrel before. Apparently there are 2 squirrels around this area. This was the younger squirrel face to face with me at the fence. At one day I saw the couple was fighting with the squirrel because the naughty squirrel was trying to steel the eggs from the Black-Naped Oriole. I did not managed to shot that life fighting moment as it was a dark evening and my lens are too slow to capture that fight.

Face to face with the squirrel and he was trying to cross the fence when I was in front of him. Finally, he decided to jump into the other side of the fence and disappear.

I will try to capture some of the babies when the moment come and share in this blog again.

Thank you for all the likes and support. I will certainly appreciate and improve my skill to share more great moments.